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Thursday Thoughts

It’s time for another one of our Thursday Thoughts posts. These posts are all about things that have gotten us thinking about entrepreneurship this week – whether it be an inspiring story, some good advice, or just a general quote.

Have you found something inspiring you’d like to see featured? Just let us know! Drop us a line at valorie [at] ivotech [dot] org.

This week’s thought is about this list: 100 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read, by Sujan Patel. I myself didn’t study business when I was in college, so I’m always looking to ‘self-educate’, as Patel talks about. He mentioned that he considers the experiences he’s had in business to be his bachelor’s degree – the fundamentals. He intends for this list to act as his Master’s degree, and we’re totally on board with that.

This list breaks down the books into several categories – consumer behavior, leadership, biographies and company histories, new business and old business classics, strategy, and start ups. My plan is to start picking up some of them soon. Have you guys read any of them yet?

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